I’ve had a nasty habit of getting sick on repeat the last few years – the second I recover from one thing, I get sick from something else. Today I’m dealing with a cold, but last week I was dealing with stupid stomach issues. Unable to eat much, I drank a lot of tea – apparently ginger tea is good for stomach things? I’ve also been on a bit of a Shakespeare kick after reading the first volume of Kill Shakespeare, which reimagines Shakespearean villains versus Shakespearean heroes, in comic book form. Pretty fucking awesome. Now if I could only kill this cold the way Hamlet kills Claudius…anyone? Bueller? Okay then.



International Table Top Day – April 5, 2014 at Clockwork Couture 

It might sound like hyperbole but getting into board games (and subsequently joining a weekly board game night with fantastic people) has been one of the best things I’ve ever done. Getting to go to Table Top Day and help new people learn how to play games that I love was excellent – if you get the opportunity to go next year, do it. It’s the best.





Though I’ve yet to finish Doctor Who (one day…!), I can appreciate a Dalek when I meet one.

One quick note – this Saturday is Table Top Day, and I’ll be playing (and possibly running) games at Clockwork Couture. They have almost every game you could think of wanting to play and the staff is awesome. If that doesn’t convince you, they also have a TARDIS! Gaming will take place from 12-5:30pm – come hang out!

my writing process – a blog tour

Note: This post was written well before my blog hiatus so that’s why it’s going up, but I’m otherwise sticking to just posting the 52 Week Project for now! xo


One of the best parts of joining a writing group is getting has been making new friends. This is what led me to the lovely Beth, who is a far more accomplished writer than myself and an inspiration because she is really fucking talented. It’s odd that we didn’t know each other before then (we were at the same schools at the same time!) but I’m very glad I know her now – who else would geek out over Shakespeare, the Muppets, and Veronica Mars with me?! In any case – she invited me to do a blog tour on my writing process (you can find hers here), so here goes!

1. What am I working on?

I’m working on a few different things, all of them screenplays in one form or another:

  • Script #1, which is a romantic comedy feature, has a completed second draft. I got notes from my writing group and close friends, and am letting it simmer for a bit before going back in for a rewrite. I’m really proud of this idea and the fact that I have a finished draft, but I’ve been working on it for too long and I’m ready to move on to other stories.
  • Script #2 is a coming-of-age feature and is in the outline stage. I’m working on creating a board game that goes with this, and am meeting with a game designer in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully I can get a solid outline ready soon so that I can start writing, because I’m really excited about this story.
  • I’m writing a 3-5 minute short film for fun — ideally, I’d shoot and edit it myself. It’s a silent black and white film…but that’s all I’ll say for now!
  • I’m working on developing an original one-hour TV drama pilot for my next class…and by working, I mean class starts in three weeks and I don’t have an idea yet. Whoops.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I’d like to think I bring an original voice to the stories I tell, and I bring in a diverse cast of characters because duh, that’s what our world looks like now. I’m a big fan of writing female leads with depth because I’m sick of only seeing male protagonists. Also, I write really snappy dialogue.

3. Why do I write what I do?

In terms of genre – I like stories about growing up. My favorite movies and TV shows (Almost Famous, Adventureland, Freaks & Geeks, Felicity, (500) Days of Summer, Reality Bites) are all coming-of-age stories with heart, soul, awkwardness and a sense of reality. There are commonalities that we all go through – going from middle school to high school, rejection, acceptance, falling in love for the first time, having your heart broken, breaking someone’s heart, growing apart from the way you grew up and the people you grew up with – that are so fascinating to me. There’s something spectacular in the ordinary things that happen to all of us and I love that.

In terms of screenwriting – since I can remember, I see stories visually. I think television and film are excellent storytelling mediums, with the ability to reach people who would have never considered reading a fun option. When I picture a scene I can see it through the camera setup with the ideal song playing in the background – movies/TV are the only way to make that happen. I’ve thought about prose but in all honesty, my heart lies with screenwriting. We’ll see if that ever changes!

4. How does your writing process work?

I am a crazy obsessive outliner. Like – I can’t start writing a screenplay until I have a really solid outline. I outline in bullet points, timelines, (color coded) index cards…it gets bananas. I also start working on a story playlist that helps me write – I’ll usually have a bunch of different playlists for different moments, and one album that’ll get me through the bulk of the writing. For Script #1, I listened to Johnathan Rice’s Good Graces on loop for days upon days.

In talking to my screenwriter friends, they tell me I’m in the minority and that they hate to outline, because they like to get to the “actual writing,” which hey, is fine if it works for them! That said, because I outline, I work through a lot of my story problems early on. By the time I’m “actually writing,” it’s fairly smooth sailing — I don’t get stuck in act II the way other people who haven’t planned out where they’re going do. That said – everyone writes differently! I edit a lot as I go on, so by the time my “first draft” is done, it’s closer to a “second draft.” I then let it sit for at least a week before getting feedback, and once I get notes, I let it rest for a least a month before I decide what to do.


What is your writing process like?



the general specific

I’ve been so caught up with a variety of projects (on top of work and class) that posting has fallen behind – apologies to those who actually read this blog! Due to the limited amount of free time I have, for the next few weeks I’ll be keeping up with the 52 Week Project but everything else will be on a “as time allows” basis. I’ll be back to posting regularly sooner rather than later – I promise!

Here’s a rad cover of “Happy” – hope you have a great day!







weekly writing update


Hey look, it’s my desk! 

What I’m Reading & Watching

I’ve been trying to finish reading Y: The Last Man, and am currently in hot pursuit of a fun novel to lose myself in. Please send me any recommendations you might have – I’m looking for something along the lines of Ready Player One, The Shadow of the Wind, and The Magicians.

I’ve been watching a lot more movies lately, which has been a nice change of pace for me. It’s mostly because I’m not sure what show to dive into next (or if I should finally commit to finishing Doctor Who), but it’s been great to return to movies after watching so much television. This past week I rewatched Empire Records and Fantastic Mr. Fox (which was every bit as amazing as I remembered). I also saw Veronica Mars (the movie) for the first time, and it was…okay.

What I’m Writing

Still hard at work on script #2′s outline, but I also wrote a draft of a short 3-minute film I’d like to make. I want to take control of my writing and love of movies and just start making things – this is the first step. Updates to come!

What Inspires Me Right Now

PaleyFest was full of screenwriters who I really look up to – Rob Thomas, Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse and Mike Schur – and to get to hear about how they made their dream projects a reality was really inspiring. My dream would be to have a show I created be presented at PaleyFest – one day! – but getting to listen to writers speak alongside their casts was a really fantastic experience.


Additionally, I’ve been really into keeping things around my desk that inspire me (see above): a fake skull (a prop from my dad’s set that he left in my room to scare me and I’ve now adopted), my record player (that I won on twitter, oddly enough) playing the Inside Llewyn Davis soundtrack because that album is perfect for writing, some strawberry pocky since I’m a notorious snacker, my lucky Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip mug, a print of a sketch by Antoni Gaudí of Casa Batlló in Barcelona, my CD collection, my favorite books (hello, Harry Potter!), coffee (necessary), my notebook and my laptop. What do you keep on your desk?

What Else I’ve Been Up To

Why is March so busy?!! i.e. I’ve had plans almost every single night this month, including work and class. This weekend I’m going to see Book of Mormon at the Pantages and The Grand Budapest Hotel with my lovely friend Megan. I’m also planning on hiding away in my hobbit hole tonight and let my introvert self chill out for a bit. I don’t do well with non-stop social/work/people interactions – balance is key for me. The other problem with being so busy is that it leaves little time for writing, which does not bode well for a writer. Whoops!

Writing Quote Of The Week

From one of the most important writers of my childhood/life, J.K. Rowling:

It is impossible to live without failing at something unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all…in which case you fail by default.

Happy Friday, friends. Have a good weekend!


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