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I don’t often write about current events, because I’m not a journalist and that’s not the purpose of this blog. However, the events of this past week require critical attention from all of us. We’ve all learned about the town of Ferguson, MO, where teenager Mike Brown was killed by a cop. Why? We don’t know – and everyone has a different answer – but most are certain (and unsurprised) to learn that his race had something to do with it.

Again: I’m not a journalist, I wasn’t on the scene, and I can’t speak with authority on what happened or what is currently happening. What I can do is follow the news, try to spread the word by retweeting reliable news sources, and help people find relevant articles that might help them gain perspective on what happened. In that light, today’s edition of Tuesday links is focused on Ferguson.

Much like other Twitter revolutions, much of what is happening is being broadcast live on Twitter and ignored by many major media outlets. It’s crucial that we keep ourselves informed on what is happening, and do what we can to help, either by spreading awareness or by participating. Additionally, if  you’re able to help monetarily, the ACLU of MO is working overtime to keep up with the happenings in Ferguson, and you can donate to them here. You can also donate to the food bank of Ferguson here or donate to the legal defense fund for Justice for Mike Brown to help those arrested get legal counsel and pay for bail here.




weekly writing update


A (very happy) selfie from the Paul McCartney show.

What I’m Reading & Watching

I read The Magician’s Land and absolutely loved it – perfect ending, if you ask me. No spoilers but I’m just really content about the whole series. I’m currently on the second book in the Outlander series and just got a whole bunch of new books I can’t wait to dive into. Since I’ve been reading so much, I haven’t really been watching much, but I saw the Outlander pilot (loved it) and rewatched one of my favorite movies, Good Will Hunting.

What I’m Writing

Nothing, nada, zip. Unless you count this blog? Which only sorta counts…

What Inspires Me Right Now

Can’t say that I’ve been particularly inspired this week.

What Else I’ve Been Up To

Work, eat, read, repeat. It’s been a really terrible week and I’m glad it’s over. I’m very excited to see one of my best friends from college tomorrow, though, and hang out with my best friend and make rice krispie treats tonight. First and only free weekend this month, so I’m hoping there is a lot of doing nothing involved. Also? A glass of prosecco would be nice!

Writing Quote Of The Week

From Lev Grossman’s The Magicians:

“The truth doesn’t always make a good story, does it?”

Have a great weekend, friends.



UntitledAll You Need Is Love

I have been a Beatles fan my whole life, and to finally – finally!  – get to see Paul McCartney live was a huge deal. He’s always been my favorite Beatle (controversial opinion!) and to hear classics such as “Yesterday,” “Let It Be,” and my favorite, “Blackbird” live, was pretty amazing – you can see the whole set list here. I’d go as far as to say this is the probably the best concert I’ve ever been to . The photo was above was taken during “Live and Let Die,” which again – so great live, and with (surprise) fireworks?! So cool. He may be 72 but man, when he starts playing it doesn’t even matter. The show went on for three hours and had two (well-deserved) encores – he is the last of a generation of actual rock stars. It was a great show, and to be able to share it with my family as a big birthday present to each other was fantastic.

Happy Thursday, friends.

P.S. – I have some not-great-video from the show, I’ll work on getting it uploaded soon.

give them your money! – tenspotting


So, I have a confession…

Are you ready?

No, really, you need to be sitting down for this…

So……I’ve never been able to get into Doctor Who. If you know me, my interests, and/or most of my friends, this is probably a huge shock. I mean, I regularly hang out at a place with a TARDIS and a dalek (you can see both on this clip from The Wil Wheaton Project that was filmed there!) and I get a lot of the references, but I just can’t seem to finish/catch up on the show. It’s not that I haven’t tried – I watched Nine, and then got through to the point where Ten’s companion was Martha and then gave up. I really wanted to like it; in theory it seemed perfect, but for whatever reason, I didn’t fall in love with it. It’s like online dating, when someone seems perfect on their profile and then there’s no chemistry in person…but I digress.

For this week’s Give Them Your Money! post, I am super excited to write about Tenspotting, a short film involving Doctor Who cosplay at a convention.

From their page: “Have you ever gone to a convention and made a real connection with someone? Did you lose touch with them, only to realize that they could have been your soul mate? Were they dressed as the Tenth Doctor? Meet Angel, a cosplayer who met her perfect “Ten” at last year’s convention. He was everything she looked for in a guy, with an encyclopedic knowledge of all things Doctor Who and an impeccable Tenth Doctor cosplay. The only trouble is that she never got his name or number. And there are hundreds of other cosplayers who look just like him! At this year’s convention, Angel’s friend Tamara is on a mission to help Angel hunt down her perfect Ten in a sea of Doctors. Will she be able to find him again? Or will she find another connection in an unexpected place?”

I’m not a Doctor Who fan and yet, I really, really want this project to get funded. Why? It stands out to me for various reasons. First of all, it’s a classic take on the rom-com genre with a fun, nerdy twist, which I appreciate. I find that my biggest problem with a lot of modern rom-coms is the lack of relatable characters, where as this sounds like people I know in real life getting into funny situations that might actually happen. Setting it at a convention provides ample opportunity for smart comedy (please see Community‘s  “Conventions of Space and Time” for reference). The project is written and produced by women. The first two pages of the screenplay are online and they made me giggle. I discovered Emily Blake (the screenwriter) on twitter awhile ago, accidentally deleted her, and started re-following her recently–she’s smart, funny, and has a podcast about Chicks Who Script. Um, amazing much? The cast looks good. It’s a short film that isn’t dramatic, which is a nice change in the usual short films I see (and at my job, I watch a LOT of short films). They seem to have completed a thorough assessment of what the money will be used for, rewards seem reasonable, and they aren’t asking for a lot of money.

Most importantly? They’re doing what a lot of folks in the industry fail to do – taking control of their material and their resources to get their project made themselves. It’s so easy to write something and then hope for funding, or for an opportunity to pitch it for someone else to make it. Screenwriting is great, but at the end of the day, if no one wants to turn what you wrote into a film/pilot/web-series/etc., there’s not really much of a point. This team has a script and they’re working to turn it into an actual short film, which if you ask me, sounds really cool.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, check out Tenspotting here, and please send it on to your fellow Whovians!

For other Give Them Your Money! posts/FAQs, check out this page.

tuesday links

Some interesting links to help speed up the end of a long Tuesday (or is it just me?!)

  1. As I’m sure you know, Robin Williams passed away yesterday. There are a lot of touching tributes to be found, but I found comfort in re-watching one of my favorite scenes from Good Will Hunting.
  2. My good friend (and master mix-CD exchange buddy) Kristina just launched her new web-series, “Will Date For Meals.” A smart look at the very weird world of modern dating, it’s definitely worth checking out.
  3. A fantastic interview with Lev Grossman, conducted by his twin brother, writer Austin Grossman. Warning: contains some spoilers for The Magician’s Land.
  4. The setlist for the amazing Paul McCartney show on Sunday night!
  5. An interview with personal hero and writer extraordinaire Jenji Kohan.

Have a good one, friends.

weekly writing update


What I’m Reading & Watching

I read Orange Is The New Black last weekend and loved it – it was very different from the show, and very striking in its own way. It’s a lot less dramatic than the show, but I think that makes it more heartbreaking – maybe there isn’t a Pennsatucky beat-down, but there are a lot of real women (and men) who are being over-sentenced for crimes because of their race and economic status. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it, and have currently started re-watching the Netflix series. I also finished Outlander last night, and while it’s a little bit more on the romance novel side than I expected, I really enjoyed the story, the characters, and the world. Claire is a pretty kick-ass character, who is proactive and smart. I’m excited to read more of them (and watch the show on Starz!), but next up is Lev Grossman’s The Magician’s Landwhich is the conclusion of The Magicians trilogy. I’m excited to see where this series ends, though I don’t think I’m ready to say goodbye to Quentin and friends just yet.

What I’m Writing

The not-quite-rom-com has taken over my brain, though to be honest I haven’t written as much as I would have liked. I have been blogging more, though? I don’t know. Hopefully I’ll be more productive next week.

What Inspires Me Right Now

My local ice cream shop had Guinness Chocolate-Covered Pretzel ice cream that was pretty dreamy…

I’ve been reading a lot lately with characters/people that are flawed in such subtle but significant ways, which has been really helpful in creating realistic characters and natural conflict.

What Else I’ve Been Up To

Work has been chaotic (and all my plans have fallen through at the last minute), so I’ve been coming home to hide in my room and read. I haven’t really had the energy for much else…that said, this weekend I’m going to see Once at the Pantages and then SIR PAUL McCARTNEY on Sunday, both of which I’m really excited about it but oh my god, Paul McCartney.

Writing Quote Of The Week

Actress/Writer Zoe Kazanwhen asked “It was the 25th anniversary of When Harry Met Sally the other week, and a lot of people are talking about the future of the [romantic comedy] genre, if it even has one. Do you have a feeling of where it can go moving forward?” while doing press for her new movie, What If.

I sort of feel like people should just be writing good movies. I do think it starts with the script. That’s something that we see with When Harry Met Sally for sure. Like, part of the reason that that movie endures is that Nora Ephron just wrote such a fucking good script. So, yeah, all I would just say is: Don’t think it all can be fixed through improv.

99 problems, continued

So, you remember how I wrote about the Rose Bowl, right?

I tweeted about it when I posted, and they tweeted back.

rose bowl response


Honestly? It’s not enough. Though I hope that they’re actually doing what they’re saying, the fact that they KNOW this is a problem and still have not instituted change is a huge issue. They know that there are massive crowds of drunk/tired/angry people walking around without any sense of order or direction because there is nothing to help guide them…and they are “working on it”? And here’s the thing – my dad said this happened when he went to a show 15 years ago, my best friend said this happened after UCLA football games a couple years ago. How long will it take for them to actually find a solution that works? The fact that they think having more shuttles and more security (who, by the way, knew NOTHING — they seemed to be hired just for the event) will stop the chaos shows that they don’t really know what’s going on, or that they don’t really care. I’m glad they responded to my post, but I’m disgusted that they think this is an appropriate way to run a stadium. Shame on you, Rose Bowl.


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