these days

The end of March has consisted of long weeks and weekends so jam-packed  that they seemed to end before I could catch my breath. Highlights included a magic show, a Q&A with Robert Redford, new adventures in board games, wine nights with some of my favorite ladies, reading Cheryl Strayed‘s Wild in one 3.5 hour sitting, Passover, making s’mores bars, the Game of Thrones premiere (!), making the most perfect polenta ever, lots of yoga, writing, planning DIYs, and more. It’s been busy but good. I can’t believe it’s April already! It’s surreal how quickly this year is going by. In regards to my New Year’s Resolutions, I’ve been doing surprising well–of the 22 items on that list, I’d say I’ve completed or am working on 13 of them…! Surprisingly, I’ve done best in the “Health, Food, & Fitness” category and worst in the “Writing” category; my goal of healing my right arm meant that I had to take a break from my screenplay and Writer’s Program classes. That said, since stepping back I’ve found myself with a lot of new ideas to develop, which is really exciting–I can’t wait until I’m better! 2013 has definitely been challenging, but things finally seem to be starting to fall into place.

Kudos if you read all of that. Since it’s Tuesday, here are five things worth clicking on.

  1. All of the cast of Parks & Recreation as superheroes–though I have to ask, where is Jean-Ralphio and who would he be?! And seriously, does anyone really think Leslie Knope would just be a sidekick? I don’t think so! 
  2. Law students are beginning to file class-action lawsuits against their schools for false promises of success–this is fascinating, in that I know many people who went to law school thinking it was a practical, safe, almost guaranteed route to a career, but the reality is there’s too many people going to law school and not enough stuff for all of them to do. Hmm.
  3. The debate over Spring Breakers is a heated one, and despite all the bad reviews, I’m leaning towards thinking it’s a smart take on the American Dream and capitalism. It’s definitely worth seeing if you’re remotely curious about it, and definitely a great conversation starter as it opens up all sorts of interpretation and debate.
  4. My default recipe for chocolate toffee matzo, my favorite Passover treat. I guess I should actually apologize to you all for sharing this because it’s easy to make, easy to gift, and far too easy to eat. Enjoy!
  5. George R. R. Martin is a feminist at heart–good to know, sir! I’m a fan of the complex women in the Game of Thrones universe.

Also: check out my edited layout/color scheme/background, featuring art I found online by Charmaine Olivia.

Happy Tuesday!

these days

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