monday’s mix


Mondays are always tough, but the past few weeks have been especially complicated. For whatever reason, I’m not finding myself particularly rested come Monday – I can blame the latest season of Sherlock a bit for that, I suppose, though there’s been quite a lot of other chaos as well – and I have a really hard time waking up and becoming a functioning human. That said – there’s no better way to get my day started on the right foot than listening to a great album or mix on my drive into work. I make a lot of mixes for myself and for friends, so I’ve decided to start posting some of them here.

Up first: the mix I made for my friend Steph, titled HERE ARE MY FEELINGS! You may remember the cover art from this post – here’s the track list. It’s perfect for singing along to on your commute or waking  you up on a slow day in the office. (Also, I was having issues embedding, so just click on the title of the mix to go to the Spotify playlist.)

  1. Black Skinhead, Kanye West
  2. Handle with Care, Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins
  3. California Sun, the Ramones
  4. Furr, Blitzen Trapper
  5. Old Old Fashioned, Frightened Rabbit
  6. Lost In My Mind, the Head & the Heart
  7. Pursuit of Happiness, Lissie
  8. XO, Beyoncé
  9. Spanish Bombs, the Clash
  10. Rollerskate Skinny, Old 97s
  11. Communication Breakdown, Led Zeppelin
  12. Heartbeats, Jose Gonzalez
  13. Night Still Comes, Neko Case
  14. Here Comes Your Man, the Pixies
  15. Blues Run The Game, Simon & Garfunkel
  16. In The Aeroplane Over The Sea, Neutral Milk Hotel
  17. Feeling This, Blink-182
  18. (Sittin’ On) The Dock Of The Bay, Otis Redding
  19. Buckets of Rain, Bob Dylan
  20. The Wind, Cat Stevens
  21. Good Graces, Johnathan Rice
  22. I Love LA, Rilo Kiley


This weekend was an especially odd one – everything felt out of sync. On Sunday my writing group gave me notes on my script, which were simultaneously needed and dreaded. I got a lot of great notes (thanks guys!), but I’m going to let them seep for a bit before going back to do another rewrite. Time to start writing the next one! After group, I headed to LACMA to check out the Gabriel Figueroa exhibit and the Diane von Furstenberg exhibit. It was so nice to wander around at my own pace and explore some new art – I always forget how much I enjoy going to museums on my own.

Again, check out the playlist here, enjoy, and don’t let Monday get you down!

monday’s mix

2 thoughts on “monday’s mix

  1. I really want to listen to the playlist but it isn’t working for me for some reason? In Spotify it’s coming up empty and says it was added as a local file?

    Monday was trying to get me down too, isn’t that part of what makes a Monday a Monday? but I persevered. I’m excited to see more of your mixes in here! I really enjoyed the one you made me awhile back!

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